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Major financial hub

London and UK are known in the world for the quality and offer of financial services. Local and independent support will help you finding the right solution for your investiment in UK.

London is well known for its credentials and international recognition in wealth management.

It is believed the offshore centres will gradually become satellites of London as more countries have increasingly agreed to share financial information between them. As often quoted in the financial press, London will be able to maintain its current dominance in the wealth management sector also in the foreseen future alongside Switzerland and Singapore.

Trusts are only an example of  legal arrangement in which an asset (e.g. property) is managed by one person or entity for the benefit of another.

The banking sector in UK is a very competitive one with a variety of offers for private and business accounts often available also in foreign currencies. Opening an account requires meeting legal identification requirements in order to succeed with the application. Moreover navigate through the opportunities and choose the right product could be time consuming without a local knowledge of the market.

According to the UK regulatory position and common practise the financial matters of private and corporate clients are looked after by professionals called financial consultants or financial advisers. They are not tied to a single bank, insurer or investment company, and thus are able to recommend suitable products to their clients from the whole of the market.

Slow economic recovery in Europe and US combined with prolong period of low interest rates and soaring living costs highlighted the main concern of investors – inflation. It erodes the value of most financial assets and more importantly cash that investors from emerging countries may hold in funds. The best advice to them would be to diversify their portfolios. At Vestigio we believe that wealth protection and long term saving for retirement are main priorities for those who wish to maintain the desired lifestyle and provide financial support for their families.

Vestigio Services is an independent company that provides a premium service in the area of properties, investments, visas, education, and travel to customers in the United Kingdom with a particular focus on Russian speakers.

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If you are considering an investiment in UK or you want to discuss finance matters in a confidential way  please contact us.

Vestigio Services provide advice on opening an account in UK or Swiss banks. We are happy to discuss with you investment opportunities abroad, financial planning or asset management.


What is a trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement where trustees are made legally responsible for holding assets. The assets are placed in trust for the benefit of other people called beneficiaries.

The trustees are responsible for managing the trust and carrying out the wishes of the person who has the transferred the assets into trust (the settlor). The settlor's wishes are usually written in their will or set out in the trust deed.

Trusts are created for a number of reasons, including: control and protection family assets, estate planning, privacy, provision for vulnerable beneficiaries, tax planning, and business protection.

There are several types of UK family trusts and non-family trusts (charitable or business-related in nature). Each type of trust may be taxed differently. The trusts where the trustees are not resident in the UK for tax purposes have very complicated rules and tax regime.

The concept of a trust is used internationally and plays a significant role in most common law systems. Some civil law jurisdictions also recognise this concept through the Hague Trust Convention. 

The Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition has been ratified by 12 countries including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Italy.

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