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Moving without stress

Relocation, moving home, settling down, getting to know a new place. We aim to minimise the inconveniences at a stressful time.

Vestigio Services can support our clients in their initial period in the United Kingdom with dedicated advice.

There are a number of areas we are happy to offer our assitance and problem solving including the coordination of your move, arranging a neighbourhood orientatation tour and providing you with support during the settling-in period once you have arrived in the country.  Everything can be tailored on your specific needs.

Coordination of your relocation

  • Arranging for transport of your household goods
  • Booking travelling, picking up at the airport

Neighbourhood Orientation Tour

  • Visiting places, getting to know your local services and business (supermarkets, shops, restraints, cafes, schools, post office, pharmacies, hairdressers, gyms, council hall)
  • Getting familiar with local customs, traditions and business practise

Settling-in assistance

  • Selecting utilities suppliers for client’s property, advice on interring into a contract with providers.
  • Overview of getting driving licence & car registration, MOT, parking rules.
  • Introduction into banking, insurance and postal services.
  • Assistance in opening a bank account, setting up internet banking, applying for debit & credit cards.
  • Health care system overview. Assistance with registration at GP and medical consultants.
  • UK taxation overview. Registration at local authority office for council tax payments.
  • Housekeeping assistance and hiring staff.
  • Shopping advice, setting up online accounts for internet purchases with major retailers.

Vestigio Services is an independent company that provides a premium service in the area of properties, investments, visas, education, and travel to customers in the United Kingdom with a particular focus on Russian speakers.


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Vestigio for you

Vestigio Services are happy to offer you practical support with relocation, settling in assistance and housekeeping tips. If you are interested in one of the listed packages or you would like a more bespoke one please contact us to discuss.

New country. New customs

When you are new to Great Britain you will find that the everyday needs are organised here in different ways compared to your home country.

You have to choose between several providers of utilities such as electricity, gas and telephone line. For example in the energy sector there are six big energy companies!  So, you have to navigate through different tariffs and prices before signing a contract.

Usually each house is heated individually since there are no central heating systems in the UK. The residential voltage is 230 V, the power plugs and sockets have British standard.  Domestic waste is collected separately such as recycling, food waste and refuse.


The majority of bills and invoices are processed  electronically. The underground, train and parking tickets are paid at the self-service machines therefore you will need to open a bank account and apply for a credit card facility.

An increasing number of  purchases are  completed over internet.  These include  groceries, clothing, household items, and even furniture. Try online grocery shopping! You will find a convenient way to get your items delivered to your door.

London Congestion Charge is enforced during working days. The demand for parking in the capita; is ever increasing. If you have a vehicle and live in central London it is advised to apply for a resident parking permit.

The financial year starts in the UK on 06th April.

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