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Top notch education

We offer expert assistance to choose the right education opportunity matching your dreams and aspirations here in United Kingdom

Schools, colleges and universities in the United Kingdom offer a world-class education and unforgettable life experience.

UK education is focused on developing the students’ academic potential and essential skills that are highly regarded among employers. It also encourages creativity, innovation and multicultural understanding.

UK has long traditions in educating international pupils. Every year thousands of international children attend more than 500 UK boarding schools. They come to experience top quality teaching, the outstanding facilities and fantastic extra-curricular learning.

A boarding school is a residential school, where local and international pupils live and study together during the school term. The school provides comfortable accommodation for students, usually on campus, healthy and tasty meals and round the clock pastoral care.

Independent boarding schools offer more than an excellent education. They arrange friendly and supportive environment in which a child can grow and learn. Clubs and activities offer opportunities beyond the academic day to discover and nurture talents, to inspire creativity, to explore occupations that may be life-changing.

For many students it’s the adventure of a lifetime and an exceptional learning experience that gives them a head start in their adult life! 

Choosing a school 

Foreign parents are usually amused by the variety of curriculum in the UK as they do not have such choice in their home country.

Boarding schools offer internationally recognised qualifications such as GCSEs, A-levels and the International Baccalaureate. There are also Pre-U Diploma, Foundation Programs and a number of Scottish qualifications.

The secret of happiness for a boarder is to find a right school. In order to select the one that perfectly suites to your child we would like to discuss the education priorities and requirements you might have. For example, what curriculum is needed? Are there any religious or cultural preferences? Сo-educational  or single-sex schools? What location, boarding style and the ethos are you looking for? Are there any particular subjects or facilities required at school?

It is very important to know your child's strengths, talents and extra-curriculum interests – the achievements in academic disciplines, knowledge of English language, favourite subjects, hobbies, and sports. It would be beneficial to know your child aspirations and educational or carer ambitions.

We aim to advice international clients, parents and students, on the choice of the best private schools, colleges or international study centres in the UK.    We are happy to make an appointment on your behalf to visit a school and be with you during the school visits.  Vestigio is  here to help you.

The application process

The application process covers a number of steps, ideally taken over a period of two or more years. There is competition for places, and the more popular schools tend to become fully booked at least a year in advance.

All schools require parents to complete an application or registration form. The pupils will have to satisfy the school’s entry requirements, which will include taking a test or exam and attending an individual interview. The international study centres specialised in education of non-native English speaking pupils are more flexible about admissions.

The pupils join a boarding school at the age of 7, 11, 13, 14 or 16. The optimum entry point is year 7 (age 11) or year 9 (age 13). The high (senior) school begins at year 7 and it is reflected in the National Curriculum Key Stage framework. The international students also enter UK education at six form level (age 16) to complete the two-year qualifications before going to the university.

Please be aware that the children may need to improve their command of English and get prepared for admission tests which are challenging. The other issue is that they have particular needs to adapt the English education system and be confident living abroad.

Should you are interested to get additional information about UK education or require advice on school vacancies for the next September intake please get in touch.

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Vestigio Services are happy to offer an expert advice and practical assistance on the subject of education in the United Kingdom with different packages.

Basic package     research for suitable schools or holiday courses based on parents preferences and their child’s requirements, supplying a booklet about UK education in Russian language, providing   one consultation, preparing     recommendations.

Advanced package  in addition to above – discussion of the admission criteria for each short-listed school and college, background check of  your child’s academic progress and ability to study abroad, advice on planning the fees, providing an individual report on selecting schools (boarding school, college, international study centres, short holiday courses). Min two consultations are provided.

Exclusive package  in addition to the advanced package - education advice and practical help during a year period including application process assistance, visit program assistance and visa application support. The visit program is prepared for the perspective schools, translation service and accompaniment is provided. Transport and accommodation are not included   but we are more than happy to arrange both options based on client's request.

Alternatively we can always discuss a more bespoke level of service that is determined individually by prior agreement with the client. Enquires are  welcomed.


Support for families

We are able to act as a guardian on behalf of international students’ parents while their children are in the UK.

According to the UK law, all foreign students below age of 16 are required to have a guardian in the case if they stay in the country without parents. However, most schools insist on appointing a guardian, regardless of age of the student.

This should be a responsible adult living in the UK, who can care for a child if he or she suddenly gets ill or during holidays, half-term and at exeat weekends.

The guardian is a vital point of contact for the school to monitor academic and social development of the students as well as for children if they have some problems, concerns or just feel homesick.

Vestigio Services provide guardianship on basic individual agreements with parents.

Short holiday courses

A large number of UK boarding schools offer vocational courses, mostly in March-April or July-August, when the main school is in its holiday period. 

There are many programmes to choice from, some are focused on academic subjects, science and technology,  the others  include  music, drama or dance.

The majority of courses combine English language learning with structured and balanced leisure activities and sports.

The advantages of short holiday courses are the genuine communicative experience for children, opportunity to meet friends and boost confidence to use their English.


No doubt the UK holiday courses will offer a fabulous leisure time for  your child!

Education and Boarding Standards

In order to teach and accommodate pupils, the boarding schools must meet strict quality standards set by the UK government.

They  cover the effectiveness of governance, quality of teaching and supervision, academic and extracurricular achievements, accommodation, facilities, and pupils welfare.

Since September 2011, the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the agency for the inspection of boarding and day schools in England in membership of the Independent Schools Council associations.

ISI boarding oversight is organised according to the National Minimum Standards and include the boarders’ heath and wellbeing, safety, child protection, relationships, positive behaviour and equal opportunities.

The schools are inspected at least every three years for boarding, and every six years for education provision.


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